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Flash completed

2011-01-01 21:37:35 by NeverZone

Finally finished my first flash music video... and all I got to say is that took some time, but I finally got it.

I'm 21....

2010-10-17 20:09:34 by NeverZone

Yes I'm the BIG 2-1. So this means I won't be hanging around newgrounds anymore cuz I'm gonna be downing 40's left and right. Pshh, no time for newgrounds.


The recent animation has taken a while, plus I have started a handfull of other animations. On top of that I'v been doing classes so I havn't had much time. But I made a birthday promise I'd be the best 21 year old ever!!! So, well see how that goes. Hopefully I'll have'm done by the winter, but then again an artist only knows when a piece is truly done.


2010-07-29 04:03:02 by NeverZone

So, I realized I have not made a post a ha-while... actually, I'v never made a post at all. So yea, here's a post, the first post.

With some of my old animations still up, I am currently working on a new one. I'm attempting to out-do myself this time upon my recent animations. I just hit a hard block right now so im set back.

The animation and music wont synch up and its driving me crazy...I state that I *WILL* get to the bottom of this problem. I'v animated to far to turn back now.

Over and out.